As long as we can provide parts/products with high Quality , outstanding Service and a
fast Response time then our customers will be successful.
Maxum Machine, LLC was founded in 2005 by Mike Benini and Bob Kitson.

Never underestimate the power of two wheels.

You could say that Maxum Machine came into existence thanks to two bikes —
BMW and Harley-Davidson and two people — Mike Benini and Bob Kitson.

Mike and Bob worked together in a Richmond, Virginia machine shop for years.
Mike ended up being a Project Manager for that shop and Bob left to work elsewhere.
Bob came into Mike's workplace a few years later with a request for quote from his company.

After a brief discussion of the job Bob mentioned that he had purchased a Harley so
Mike mentioned his BMW. Realizing they both rode motorcycles and a few rides later they
decided to pool their resources and set out on their own.

In February of 2005 they started planning the business and towards the end of March found
a suitable building lease. From there they spent many hours on the Internet searching for
machines, tooling, a fork lift, computer equipment and miscellaneous items needed to start
the shop.

When the equipment, wiring, air lines and various other projects needed to start a machine
shop were completed they officially opened Maxum Machine for business in June of 2005.

Located a few minutes from Downtown Richmond, Maxum Machine has grown to be a
trusted source for full-service contract machining in the metro area and beyond.

Offering a full spectrum of CNC and conventional machining services, Maxum Machine
continues to expand its capabilities while maintaining the personal service that put the shop
on the map.

At Maxum Machine we pride ourselves on a hard-working, no-nonsense approach to getting
things done. And we're honored to be a trusted machine resource for bottling, printing,
packaging, power plant, industrial and military applications just to name just a few of the
industries we service.


Bob decided to sell his interest in the company to me in 2012. The good news is that when I
need some help or advice on any of the numerous projects Maxum Machine gets involved
with all I have to do is give him a call and when he's done working on his bike or riding in the
mountains he calls back.

With out Bob Kitson Maxum Machine would not exist. So: My personal thanks to Bob for all
of your efforts in funding, starting, setting up this machine shop and helping me create a
company with a good and well deserved reputation.


Thanks for visiting MaxumMachine.com. Feel free to stop by or contact us to see what we can
do for you.


A lot of the information on this site was made available by and with the help of some of our
marketing and design savvy buddies. Due to Posterous Spaces being shut down I had to
create a new web site in July of 2013. I kept a lot of the original content from the site but
changed some of it to suit the new venue.

Special thanks to the guys who made much of this site possible.
Adam Ewing is an
awesome photographer who specializes in motor sports and portraits. He shoots all
over but luckily he's based right here in Richmond. It's amazing the difference a good
photographer makes. Bob Ranew is an advertising creative in Raleigh, NC, and he
designed our new logo. Yes, we liked it so much we got T-shirts made. He really nailed it.

Thanks to our customer and friend
John Ryland of Classified Moto here in Richmond.
He was instrumental in the original design of this site and pulled in favors from the
aforementioned folks to get the job done.

Thanks guys. Your help and input was invaluable.
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